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          Hot Jobs

          With thousands of jobs across multiple markets and services and in locations around the globe, opportunity abounds at Jacobs. Our Hot Jobs feature groups of jobs by location, discipline or project with the hope of reaching the qualified, interested persons ready for the next challenge in their career. To view all available jobs, please search jobs.

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          Annapolis Junction, Maryland

          Location: Annapolis Junction, MD

          October 7, 2019

          Jacobs is excited to announce the opening of our new office in Annapolis Junction, MD. Our portfolio of work includes supporting the US Army, Navy, Air Force/defense contractors and federal/civilian intelligence clients with projects across the globe.

          Selected jobs include:

          • Mechanical Engineer
          • Electrical Engineer
          • Structural Engineer
          • Project Architect

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Jobs in Annapolis Junction, MD


          Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany

          September 30, 2019

          Jacobs is expanding our operations in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Qualified candidates will speak fluent German and possess a German design license.

          Selected jobs include:

          • Senior Civil Engineer
          • Senior Architect
          • Senior Electrical Engineer

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Jobs in Kaiserslautern, Germany

          Military Intelligence and IT

          Location: Arizona, Florida and North Carolina

          September 23, 2019

          Jacobs is seeking military intelligence and IT professionals to support government clients in Tampa FL, Ft. Bragg, NC and Sierra Vista, AZ. U.S. Citizenship required as well as an active Secret Clearance up to a TS/SCI.

          Selected jobs include:

          • Counterintelligence Agent – Sierra Vista, AZ
          • Geologists
          • 35T All Source Intelligence Analyst/ Trainer – Sierra Vista, AZ
          • BlackBerry UEM Network Engineer – Tampa, FL
          • Database Administrator Tier 3 – Ft. Bragg, NC

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Military Intelligence and IT Jobs


          Location: United States

          September 16, 2019

          Jacobs is seeking skilled environmental professionals with experience in site remediation, integrated waste, planning and permitting, EHS, GIS and data management.

          Selected jobs include:

          • Engineers
          • Geologists
          • Scientists
          • Biologists
          • Archaeologists
          • GIS Analysts
          • Air Quality Specialists
          • Project Managers

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Environmental Jobs